Student Premium Apartment in Depok

Depok is located in the bordering area between Jakarta and West Java Province. As an impact of fast growing development of Jakarta, modern landmarks were also established. It is now becoming the key areas that have created a mutual relation with Jakarta in the sense of economics, political, socio-cultural aspects and also be characterized as a campus town.

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24 jam CCTV
Zona Bebas Narkoba
Akses Keamanan Digital


Akses Khusus ke UI
5 menit ke mall
10 menit ke tol JORR


24 jam CCTV
Zona Bebas Narkoba
Akses Keamanan Digital


Secure Wifi Technology,
Lounge/Cafe, Co Workplace
Exclusive Function Hall

"Home of Inspiration Place of Success"

Exterior design of Evenciio Margonda Inspired by Rubik's cube Because we can get another from when plat People who always playing Rubik's cube can get benefit, Such as Pleasure, Fun, and Enjoyment. It is a bulding created a very modern and very dynamic. So these apartemens have characteristics that strong technology. As well as Depok City is a city full education with students and young people feel like working and learning in order to achieve its goals.

Why choosing Evenciio?

-Strategic Access - Double Income-
- No Drug Zone - Digital Living -

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Atas tanggapan yang luar biasa dari masyarakat dan tingginya permintaan yang ada terhadap unit apartment EVENCIIO selama ini, maka di pertengahan tahun 2018 ini Project EVENCIIO akan memberikan kejutan dengan tema “Give You more than ever”. Karena bagi kita kepuasan dan senyum customer dalam berinvestasi secara tepat adalah prestasi tertinggi yang bisa kami capai.

STAY TUNE For The Next Update will be ENORMOUS!!

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Jl. Margonda Raya No.492 C
Pd. Cina, Beji, Kota Depok
Jawa Barat 16424